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Wedding Package

We offer a wedding package with our 1964 Bentley S-3 and our 1972 Daimler DS420 factory limousine. The 1964 Bentley seats 4 passengers but is best used for the bride and groom plus the photographer. Our Daimler is a factory limousine and can take 7 passengers plus the driver.

In our Wedding package we are yours to the reception for a flat rate. Our operating area, for the day rate, includes Calgary and area, Edmonton and area, Red Deer and area as well as Strathmore, High River, and Lake Louise.

The car and driver arrive 15 minutes early with the clean and detailed antique limousine and are at your service for the day. Typically we bring the bride to the wedding, take the bride and groom to take photos with the car and to the reception venue. This is usually between 4 to 6 hours, but the day rate is good up to 9 hours. Overtime begins 9 hours from first scheduled pick-up, and accumulates until last drop off.

If you want to decorate we can make a special arrangement for the car to be available within the day rate. There are some restrictions on decorations, mostly to protect the paint. We can put a coloured ribbon on the hood and a just married sign in the rear window, all within the day rate.


To guarantee the car(s), rate and the date we require a 33% deposit at time of booking. The remaining balance is due two weeks before the wedding. The gst is charged on the final payment.

Please visit the Contact Us and fill out the form to request booking.


1 car2 cars
Day Rate$900/day*$1600/day*
Overtime (after 9 hours)$150/hr*$300/hr*
Late night pickup (add-on)**$200$400
Late night pickup (standalone)$300$500

*Rates do not include 5% GST
** Late night pickup add-on is in addition to the day rate. includes pickup at the reception and travel to the hotel. Many receptions are now at the hotels so we have removed this from our day rate but we can be flexible.